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This guide describes how to install Sinch Contact Pro software on a server system.
Collect information of the customer environment and requirements and plan the size and scenarios according to Master Guide.
The system software relies on some third party software, which must be installed and configured before installing Sinch Contact Pro software.
To ensure system security, you must acquire certificates.
The software is delivered in the version-numbered folder containing the packages.
When the prerequisite software has been installed, Sinch Contact Pro software packages can be installed with the IA tool.
As of the version SP07, e-mail data can be saved into a disk file, and scripts are saved without the unnecessary HTML data.
To enable the use of your Sinch Contact Pro system, see the listed procedures.
To uninstall the system, carry out the following steps.
The step-by-step instructions for installing the Sinch Contact Pro system are in the document Contact Center Introductory Training Part 1 IA.
Feature Packages are major releases and hotfixes smaller corrections.