User Interface Settings

You can personalize the following user interface settings to meet your needs by choosing Personalize in the header area:

  1. Language

    The System Configurator (SC) supports the following languages:

    • English

    • German

    • French

    • Japanese

    For languages supported in other applications, see Master Guide section Supported Languages.

  2. Style

    SC supports two different user interface styles.

  3. Quick links

    You can add the frequently used actions to your favorite list. When you have defined the links, they are displayed in the Home view.

In addition to this, you can save search criteria to access the search results quickly.

You can also personalize the lists in the work area:

  1. Click the Personalize icon.

  2. Choose the columns that you want to be displayed on the user interface and click Select.

  3. To change the order of the columns, click the column header and move it.

  4. To sort the items in the columns, click the header.

    By default, the items are listed from A to Z.