Client-Side Interfaces
Communication Panel Third-Party Extension Messaging API

With the interface you can embed a web page inside the Communication Panel extension area through iframe technology. The feature enables enhancing and integrating contact center processes outside Sinch Contact Pro application.

Visitor Intermediate Client (CVC)

With this interface you can create an iframe and load the Visitor Chat application inside it.

Configuration Interfaces
Restful Configuration Interface (RCI)

This restful interface provides access to configuration data and enables restricted configuring of users, user groups, queues, queue groups roles, skills, time zones, and presence profiles.

Operational Interfaces
Online Integration Interface (OII)

This interface is used for example when integrating SAP CRM and Sinch Contact Pro.

Restful Contact Management Interface (CMI)

With this restful interface users can access information on conversations, such as script results, chats, e-mails, callbacks and call recordings that have already been saved into the database.

Restful Directory and Presence Interface (DPI)

This restful interface provides access to directory data and presence information (absence and presence profiles).

Restful Outbound Campaign Interface (OBI)

This interface provides the ability to view, manage and control campaigns.

Restful Task Management Interface (RTI)

This restful interface corresponds to TMI interface but uses the restful interface and provides OAuth authentication.

Task Management Interface (TMI)

SOAP interface for managing tasks in Sinch Contact Pro.

Monitoring and Reporting Interfaces
Restful Analytics Interface (RAI)

This restful interface provides both real-time and historical statistics related to interactions and agents.

Restful License Reporting Interface (LRI)

This restful interface provides usage statistics from the contact center system for the license reporting needs.

Restful Monitoring Interface (RMI)

This restful interface provides methods for getting information about contacts, agents, and queues from Monitoring Database. Additionally, the RMI provides uploading analytic data for SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C).