You can use the event-driven integration (EDI) framework for integrating Sinch Contact Pro with web services both externally and inside the system.

This low-code framework makes it possible to trigger an integration based on a conversation event, such as when the conversation is accepted, transferred, or ended. You only need to configure the integrations in System Configurator (System Management > Event-Driven Integrations).

Event-driven integrations can only be used for chats and calls. However, outbound campaign calls and callback queue calls aren't supported.

You can use the framework, for example, for the following:


EDI uses the term "contact" when referring to inbound or outbound interactions with customers. In Sinch Contact Pro applications, the term "conversation" is typically used for this.


Make sure you only have one integration defined that applies for the same conversations. This means the combination of queue(s), direct calls and/or chats, and events. If you've configured multiple integrations that apply to the same conversations, the system only uses one of the configurations at a time. You can debug your integration to see which configuration is used.