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Communication Panel is the Contact Center's web-based application for managing customer communications, termed as conversations. In earlier releases they were referred to as interactions and prior to that contacts.
To start using Communication Panel, you need a user account and a login address.
These functions show if an agent is available and able to receive conversations.
Agents can request one-to-one guidance via chat with a supervisor.
A queue is the contact point for customers' calls, chats, or other conversations. which wait in the queue until they are offered or to be picked by an agent.
Directories provide detailed contact information, for example on contact center users, queues, or customers and business alike.
Conversations are either offered to you directly, or you can pick them in the Picklist view if the picklist feature has been enabled in System Configurator. Note that Picklist is only updated when the Picklist tab is in focus.
Communication Panel provides tools to handle inbound and outbound phone calls.
Chats are conversations, such as text messages, web chat, video chat, and messages from Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, or WhatsApp, depending which integrations are used in your system.
Email queues are used to dispatch customer emails, tasks, and action items.
Scripts are questionnaires that you can fill out while or after handling a conversation.
You call pre-defined customers, for example, for selling, advertising, or passing or collecting information.
You can view personal user statistics of the current working day and history of conversations you have received or handled.
Communication Panel can be integrated with various third-party applications.