Creating Queues


You use this process to add and configure new queues.

For information about deleting queues, see Deleting Objects.


  1. Enter basic information for queues.

  2. Define queue numbers and addresses.

  3. Configure contact management settings.

  4. Configure reporting and monitoring settings.

  5. For e-mail queues you configure e-mail settings. You can also create keyword rules for e-mails.

  6. Define prompt-related settings.

  7. Add queues to queue groups.

  8. If you use skills in your system, define skill requirements. If skill requirements can be compromised when waiting times are long enough, you can also define skill reduction.

  9. Configure voicemail and notification call settings.

  10. For phone queues you can configure external agent settings and for all queue types Communication Desktop (CDT) settings.

  11. If the system is integrated with other system such as SAP CRM, take integration in use in a queue with Integration Settings.

  12. Configure threshold values to show when critical and warning times have been reached.

  13. For advanced use you configure advanced queue settings.