Miscellaneous Improvements

This section lists changes to the existing functions and features.

Reporting Improvements

A new Agent report, Agent - Chat Handling, has been added to BusinessObjects. The report shows the efficiency of chat handling. The system measures how long it takes for the agent to respond to the customer's messages and shows average and median times for this on the report. The data can be used to estimate agent efficiency and the effect of working with multiple chats simultaneously. Read more about the report in the Monitoring and Reporting document.

Salesforce Integration

Communication Panel in Salesforce can now be opened in a separate window. Keeping a separate window open prevents ongoing calls from getting disconnected if the main Salesforce window reloads.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

You can embed Communication Panel's call functions in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. When agents accept an incoming call with Communication Panel in the Dynamics 365 widget area, the caller's phone number is searched in Contacts and Accounts in Dynamics 365. If matches are found, they are displayed. If there's no match, a form to create a new contact is opened. Agents can also make outgoing calls by clicking a phone number in Dynamics 365 views and the call is then made in Communication Panel. When you have configured Dynamics 365 settings, activate the integration in System Configurator.

SAP Service Cloud (C4C) Integration

If a chat conversation contains attachments, there's now a Sinch Contact Pro transcript link which an agent can copy and paste to another browser tab to view the full conversation.

Chat transcript in C4C is now showing the Sinch Contact Pro queue name.

Agent Guidance Request for Supervisors

Agent guidance now has limited support for supervisors to request for guidance by selecting Ask for Agent Guidance.