System Configurator (SC)

The following changes and improvements have been made in System Configurator.

New Variables in Chat Reply Templates

The following variables are now supported in chat reply templates:

Chat Keywords

Queuing and in process chats in a specified queue can be ended with a keyword by a customer. For example, a chat connected to a bot is being handed over to a human agent when the defined keyword is sent to end the chat conversation. Define the keyword or several keywords in Queue Management > Queues > Chat Keywords.

Increase Ratio (%) Setting

QueueDialer (in predictive mode) now has the ability to increase the predictive calls made out by the dialer.


The following changes have been made to the QueueDialer:

  • In QueueDialer predictive mode, if customer answered and the call was transferred to a queue but the customer disconnected before the call was connected to any agent, the Hang up call result was generated, which meant that customer was not called again. This is now changed to Abandoned, so that customer is called again.
  • In QueueDialer predictive mode, if a test call was made to another agent who rejected the call, the Temporary_Failure call result was generated with the classifier CTI_CODE_16. Now it generates No Answer call result with classifier CTI_CODE_16.
  • The call result Redial with redial time +seconds from Communication Panel increased the number of calls. This no longer occurs so the customer does not get the MaxCalls result.
  • The call result No Answer and the redial time configuration value -1 (move to the next round) in System Configurator was not always working when the campaign had a few customers remaining in this call round.
  • You can now define if a call is classified as Abandoned or Hang up using the setting Abandon Timeout (s) in Outbound Management > Campaigns > Predictive Settings.