Corrected Defects

This section lists issues reported by customers and found during system testing.

Fixed defects related to reported incidents are marked with customer support system ID and the related number. If you have encountered an issue in your system and have created an incident, you can use that number to find the fix description in this document.

Communication Panel

Call issues

Progress tone played during an outgoing call was initially played from the wrong audio device. This has been fixed to use the defined audio device (for example headset) for the entire progress tone.

Agents were not able to change audio device after first call. ID: SCC-2026

Chat issues

Attached data inserted into a chat by the agent or bot during transfer was not saved into the database and therefore not shown in Communication Panel's conversation history or through a Restful Interface request. ID: SCC-2671

Profile names from the channels of Facebook and Instagram where not available for displaying in Communication Panel.

In transferred chats, extensions such as Conversation History showed an invalid source address because Communication Panel did not resolve it correctly.

Chat message tone playing wasn't working. Now if there is a tone playing, Communication Panel stops it first before starting to play a new one. ID: SCC-3242

Email issues

The original queue address was added to the TO field when Reply All was selected. ID: SCC-2815

Occasionally an attachment remained as pending when an agent added it to an email. ID: SCC-3182

When used in Firefox, Communication Panel had problems with drag and drop into an email.

Cc addresses were missing for certain reply emails. ID: SCC-3122

Callback issues

Callback handling view's Notes field was only three rows high and showed a scrollbar when text was longer. The field has been improved to accommodate a longer text before the scrollbar is shown. ID: SCC-3377

Callback call was dialled only two times although the maximum number of retries was defined as three. ID: SCC-3206

Campaign call issues

In an outbound campaign call, the Campaign Call panel did not show a URL leading to an external resource as a link. The possibility to display links has been restored. ID: SCC-3084

When Queue Dialer was used in predictive mode, the system stopped offering new outbound calls for agents.

If multiple campaigns were using the same queue via QueueDialer in predictive mode, calls were not executed evenly.

Predictive outbound call to a customer was disconnected when the call was transferred to the outbound queue if consent IVR was configured for the queue.

Other issues

Communication Panel was incorrectly showing each question in an interactive script even when there was next question defined. ID: SCC-3389

In certain overflow scenarios queue wrap-up did not work as expected.

Profile-linked queue group handling wasn't working.

The Conversation Details extension flickered at regular intervals while a chat was active..


Conversations view did not maintain selected filters when the user switched between views.

Users were able to change their own skill values in Dashboard even though they had no rights to change them. ID: SCC-2338

The ID search field stopped searching against Group ID = contactGroupId from the 22Q1 release. ID: SCC-3288

It was possible that when assigning queue allocations from a profile with queue groups defined, Communication Panel and Dashboard became unsynchronized as to the agent's actual queue allocations.

System Configurator

New users added to the system did not get rights to see old handled conversations in reporting database until Batch Job Server (BJS) was restarted.

System fetched messages only from the first mailbox if multiple addresses were defined for a queue and authentication type was OAuth Service.

Superusers were not able to give rights for agents to opt-in. ID: SCC-2918

RESTful Interfaces

Attached data inserted into a chat by the agent or bot during transfer was not saved into the database and therefore not shown in Communication Panel's conversation history or through a Restful Interface request. ID: SCC-2671

Searching an email via history returned incorrect status when searched by ID and Email ID or only by Email ID. Now search results are aligned.

API calls to Restful Outbound Campaign Interface (OBI) endpoint were failing with the 500 Internal error ReadWriteQueue max size reached: 200. ID: SCC-3529

/obi/campaign/:id/customers/list resource didn't work correctly if the last entry was invalid and stopProcessIfInvalidEntriesFound was not true. ID: SCC-3297


If a conversation was created via TMI or OII and the queue did not have any skill requirements, skill requirements were ignored when the conversation was offered to an agent. Skill requirements were also ignored in skill match calculation.

Visitor Chat

In certain chatbot-related use cases, the getDetails call of Visitor Intermediate Client (CVC) API would return incorrect chat conversation ID. ID: SCC-2592

InQueue chat prompt (possibly containing erroneous position in queue information) was sent for a chat that was immediately rejected due to the destination queue being considered full. Now InQueue prompts are not sent in such situations.

When moving the visitor Web Chat view on screen (either by drag and drop or via Visitor Intermediate Client (CVC) API), it was possible to accidentally move the Web Chat partially or fully out of view.

The system sanitizes all Web Chat messages for untrusted HTML before storing them to the database and showing them in user interfaces. However, messages from the customer were displayed locally in Web Chat without sanitation (as entered by the customer), allowing possibly entered unfriendly HTML code to be shown on the page within the customer's browser. This has now been fixed so that a message sent by the customer is only shown once the server has provided the sanitized version of the message. This also ensures that the same exact sanitized content is seen by both the customer and agent. ID: SCC-2992

Reporting and Monitoring

Outbound reports were showing incorrect values for campaigns using Queue Dialer in predictive mode. For example OB Campaign Calls and Answered Calls had incorrect values.

The ChatResponseInfo event was reported incorrectly. ID: SCC-3351


Occasionally, if chats were forced to be closed, for example due to server shutdown or chat idle timeout, Chat Server crashed.

If a media upload operation had started before midnight (system time) and ended after midnight, Agent Server could crash when trying to save the media fragment.

Barring rules didn't apply to calls in simultaneous ring mode.