Integration Interfaces

The following changes have been made in the RESTful and integration interfaces.

Restful Configuration Interface (RCI)

  • RCI now supports deleting disruption events. You can filter which events are deleted using the eventType parameter:
    • all or empty: All disruption events are deleted.
    • onlyAdhoc: Disruption events where ActiveFrom is not set AND ActiveTo is not set are deleted.
    • onlyScheduled: Disruption events where ActiveFrom is set OR ActiveTo is set are deleted.

  • To fetch result sets in pages ordered by ID, the GET request of the /users resource has now a new query parameter cursor.

Restful Contact Management Interface (CMI)

CMI now supports:

  • POST for script results. You can use this with customer surveys when the result is received after the conversation has ended. Reporting also shows the updated results. To read read script results, use GET for the new RCI resources:/scripts and /scripts/{scriptId}.

  • adding attached data to an ended conversation with a POST request.

Communication Panel Third-Party Extension Messaging API

Communication Panel Third-Party Extension Messaging API now allows inserting attached data to a conversation while transferring the conversation. For more information, see the API documentation.

Client Certificates in OII

OII now loads certificates from Local Computer / Personal store, if the SOAP_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE_PATH registry setting is not given.