Managing Number Ranges


You use this procedure to define number ranges in the system and to view the number situation (for example to check which phone extension numbers are free).

The following ranges are displayed on the user interface:

  • PSTN ranges

    These ranges are phone extension address ranges from the public switched telephone network that are allocated for the system. They cannot be modified in SC. However, there can be several PSTN ranges defined in the system.

  • Internal ranges

    These ranges are additional ranges to the system PSTN ranges and cannot be within the PSTN ranges.

  • Subranges

    These ranges define the ranges from which certain types of phone extensions must allocate their address value.


    In your system, numbers starting from 350 to 400 are allocated to voicemail extension numbers. Therefore, all voicemail extensions that are configured to users and queues must be within this range.

    Subranges must be inside the defined PSTN ranges or internal ranges, and they cannot overlap with other subranges. However, you do not have to define subranges. If a corresponding subrange does not exist for an extension type, then the extension address can be allocated to anywhere within PSTN or internal ranges.


  • You must have rights to modify number ranges.

  • You must have rights to view extensions.

  • The system level number range has been added during the configuration database installation.


Defining Number Ranges

  1. On the System Configurator main screen, choose System Management > Number Range.

  2. In the Number Ranges block, define the internal number ranges by entering the start and end values.

  3. In the Subranges field, enter the start and end values and choose the type for the subrange.

  4. Save your entries.

Using Number Viewer

  1. On the System Configurator main screen, choose System Management > Number Range.

  2. In the Number Viewer block, enter your search criteria and choose Search or just choose Search.

    The internal phone extensions are displayed. The number viewer shows the last used number in the range.

    Place the cursor over an extension number, and a tooltip displays details of the extension. To copy the number to the clipboard, click Copy Number or select the number and press Ctrl and C.