Channel Settings

In channel settings, you can:

  • Define settings that determine certain contact center behavior.

  • Enter a Python customizer code into your system.

  • Configure channel-level settings that define the general system behavior.

    The defined settings are inherited from the channel level to the queue level. Some of the channel settings can also be defined at the queue level. These settings are marked with an asterisk (*) in the queue settings. An empty field or the option Not Defined in the queue settings means that the setting follows the channel setting. If you define the value at the queue level, it overwrites the channel setting for the specific queue.

Channels in Version 7.0

The concept of a channel in the version 7.0 differs from the one in the previous versions. In older versions, the term channel referred to a queue type whereas in the version 7.0, it is used to define the higher level of system settings.

Figure 1. Channels, Queues, and Extensions in Version 7.0