In the Modules view, you can view which modules are installed in your system, and in which virtual unit they have been installed in.

  • To view the list of installed modules, choose Search. A table appears with columns ID, Virtual Unit Name, Virtual Unit IP, Type and Port.

  • To define which columns are displayed, see User Interface Settings.

  • To view a module and edit the ones that can be edited, double-click the module’s row on the table.

For most modules, the view displays installation variables and their values, only. Values cannot be changed in this tool but in Infrastructure Administrator. Some modules are also managed in this view and management tasks depend on the module type. See the table below.

You must have rights to view the platform. To change or configure module-related settings, you must have rights to modify the platform.

Modules That Require Configuration

Tasks in Modules View

CEM Server

Activate customer IVR applications, required only in FP14 and earlier versions.

External Terminal Controller (ETC)

Define dedicated SIP bridges.

Media Routing Server (MRS)

Define which modules use each MRS module.

Online Integration Interface (OII)

Define SAPphone configuration.

Quality Monitoring Server (QMS)

Define Quality Monitoring Server (QMS) configuration.

SIP Bridge

Define ETC modules and trunks that can use this bridge.

SMS Server

Define SMS interface parameters.

H323 Bridge

Define trunks that can use this bridge.