Defining Hosting CEM Servers for Applications


Obsolete as of 1911.

In systems older than FP15 (

In the Module: CEM Server view, you can link customer IVR applications to a certain hosting CEM Server. Hosting CEM Server can be defined also in IVR Management, but if the number of applications is large, it is easier to do that on the CEM Server side.

All built-in applications are automatically hosted by all CEM Server modules.

IVR numbers cannot be defined in this view. Define numbers for built-in applications in the corresponding System Service, and for customer IVR applications in IVR Management.


  • To make changes, you must have rights to modify the platform

  • To add a new application, you must have rights to view the built-in or custom- made IVRs.


To link an application to this CEM Server:

  1. Click the Add button. The search dialog appears.

  2. Search the application you want to link, and choose the one.

  3. Click the Add and Close buttons.

To break a link from the CEM Server to the customer IVR application:


Make sure you do not break links between built-in applications and CEM Server.

  1. Choose the application you want to stop hosting on this server from the list displayed on the Applications block.

  2. Click the Remove button.