Configuring SAPphone Connection


In this view, you can view installation variables of the Integration Information package, and especially define SAPphone connection.


SAPphone interface is based on Remote Function Call (RFC) technology. In this interface, OII acts both as RFC server and as RFC client. For configuring the SAPphone interface on the SAP CRM side, see the Online Interaction (OII) Specification and SAPphone documentation. The main steps are the following ones:

  1. In transaction SM59, create a new RFC destination of type T

    • Connection Type: T TCP/IP Connection and appropriate description, for example SAP Contact Center SAPphone connection.

    • Program ID: for example SAPphoneContactCenter.

    • Gateway Host Enter the host name or address, such as

    • Gateway Service Enter service name, such as sapgw36.

  2. Form the SAPphone Server Connection of the above values with the formula -a[Program ID]–g[Gateway Host] –x[Gateway Service]. For example: -aSAPphoneContactCenter –g1.2.3.4 –xsapgw36

In System Configurator, choose System Management > Modules > Online Interaction Interface (OII) , and in Module: Integration Interfaces view:

  1. Select Enable SAPphone Interface.

  2. Optionally select Enable SAPphone Pop-Up with Incoming Call.

  3. Double-click fields in the table and enter the following pieces of information:

    • Server Connection: SAPphone Server Connection formed with the formula -a<Program ID>–g<Gateway Host> –x<Gateway Service>. For example -aSAPphoneContactCenter –g1.2.3.4 –xsapgw36.

    • Server Name: The name of the server where the Integration Interfaces package has been installed.

    • Client Connection: Optional SAPphone Client Connection formed with the formula CLIENT=[client] USER=[uid] PASSWD=[pwd] LANG=EN ASHOST=[Gateway Host] SYSNR=[service number], where all items in brackets are the ones defined for the CRM user and RFC. For example CLIENT=506 USER=user1 PASSWD=sapphone1 LANG=EN ASHOST= SYSNR=36.

      If the X509 certificates, such as SAP SSO are used for client authentication, no USER parameter should be provided in the connection string.

    • Ordinal: Optional number that can be used to organize connections.

Securing SAPphone Connection

To secure SAPphone connection:

  1. Add to the Server Connection above the following items:

    • -L[SNC library name on the local system]

    • -S[SNC name of this local instance]

  2. SAP .Net Connector library must be installed on the contact center server, and the environment variable SNC_LIB must be set.

  3. On SAP ERP side, the corresponding destination entry in the SM59 transaction must be SNC enabled, and the SNC Name match the -S parameter given above.