The campaign views provide information on the progress and status of campaigns.

To see the Campaign view in Dashboard, you need rights to view the campaign.

It's divided into three tabs:
  • Campaign Statistics: Shows the overall performance of the campaigns you have rights to

    You can see campaign information when you have the statistics summary rights for the campaign. To see more details about a campaign, click on the row.

  • Agent Statistics: Is for supervisors to view their agents' performance for a specific campaign

    You can only see this tab if your user settings template in System Configurator has Enable Supervisor Elements and Actions selected.

  • My Statistics: Is for the agent using Dashboard to view their performance across campaigns they have participated in

To set the interval for updating data in the Campaign Details view, go to Settings.

Searching for campaigns

To narrow down the campaigns shown, define search criteria in the fields above the Campaigns table and click Search.

You can also use wildcard characters in the search fields:
  • question mark (?) replaces one character
  • asterisk (*) replaces one or more characters

To sort the information and change the columns shown in the table, see Sort, edit, and export tables.

Column descriptions

You can see the following information of each campaign.

Table 1. Campaigns table columns
Column Description
Name The name of the outbound campaign
Queue The queue to which the dialer is configured and from which agents serve the campaign

Date and time when the campaign was created

Notes Additional information provided in the configuration of the outbound campaign
Dialing Mode The dialing mode used for the outbound campaign

Options are:

  • Preview

    Agents can view the customer data before making the call. There is no time limit for viewing the customer information before the call. During the preview and wrap-up the phone line is not busy.

  • Progressive

    The dialer offers a new campaign call. If the agent accepts, the software calls the customer immediately. The agent gets no preview time.

  • Predictive

    The software makes calls automatically based on the current ratio of free agents. When a customer answers the call, it is immediately connected to a free agent. If Queue Dialer is used, predictive calls are connected to the queue from which they are allocated to agents.

Dialer Name The name of the dialer given in System Configurator
Start Date The scheduled start date when the queue dialer starts campaign calling

Requires the campaign to be set to start beforehand

End Date The scheduled end date for the campaign

Queue dialer no longer dials from an expired campaign. After this date, the campaign is only displayed in the list if it has been configured to stay open.

Time Zone The time zone used in the campaign, according to configuration

Displays the status of the campaign:

  • Active: Agents serving the queue will be allocated campaign calls.

  • Passive: The campaign is either paused or it has not been activated yet.

Total Customers

Total number of customers to be called in a campaign

The number appears only after the campaign has been made active.

Callable / Remaining Ratio between customers that can be called now / total number of customers remaining to be called

Queue Dialer: Number of agents currently serving in the campaign queue

Campaign Dialer: Number of agents currently logged into the campaign

To view a list of the agents in the Agents view, click on the number.


The number of customers that have a campaign outcome and do not require more call attempts

Not Handled

Number of customers that have not been called yet (who are not Handled, Max. Calls, or Filtered)

This number tells you how much of the campaign remains to be completed.

Calls Made

Number of calls made in the campaign during the current day / overall campaign total


Number of calls where the agent has classified the call as Success

Called Success Rate

Percentage of handled calls where the agent has classified the call as Success

Called Refusal Rate Percentage of handled calls where the agent has classified the call as Refusal
Total Talking Time

Cumulative talking time for connected campaign calls. For Predictive campaigns, this includes any time where prompts messages were played for a queuing customer.

On the Campaign Statistics tab, this includes the talking time of all agents who participated in the campaign.

Talking Time Avg.

Average talking time for a campaign call, per campaign. Displayed as average talking time for the current day / average talking time overall for the campaign

Max. Calls

The number of customers that have reached their allowed number of redials defined in the campaign's settings in System Configurator.


Number of customers that have been filtered out from the campaign so will not be called


If the dialing mode is:

  • Preview or Progressive: the number of calls where the agent has classified the call as Hang-Up

  • Predictive: the number of calls that arrived to the queue but were then hung up by the customer before the abandon timeout defined in the campaign's settings in System Configurator (Outbound Management > Campaigns > Campaign > Predictive Settings > Abandon Timeout (s)).

Hang-Up Rate

Hang-Ups as a percentage of the handled calls in the campaign so far

Campaign Progress
Progress of the campaign shown as a stacked bar chart:
  • Handled: broken down into
    • Refusal as dark green
    • Other as mid green (the other Handled results)
    • Success as light green
  • Not Handled: in orange
  • Max. Calls: in blue
  • Filtered: in grey

Hover your cursor over the chart to see the detailed total numbers for each result.

To view more details on a campaign's progress and status, click the campaign's row. The Campaign Details view opens.