Add and view statistics in the Home view.

In the Home view, you can add cards to show statistics on, for example:
  • Queuing and handled conversations
  • The service level for the selected queues
  • The progress of selected outbound campaigns

You can also create a wallboard experience.

The Home view offers a tabbed approach so to increase yet simplify the layout of your statistics. For each tab you create cards which contain your statistic and allows you to scale and position it per your taste. You can add cards per dedicated subject tabs or repeat cards in more tabs to extend and simplify your statistics layout.

To see statistics in the Home view, you need:
  • Rights to either view or serve in queues/queue groups or statistics summary or statistics details for queues/queue groups
  • Statistics summary for users

Getting started with statistics

When you open the application for the very first time, the Home view has an initial tab called My Statistics but no data.

  1. If you feel that the tab name is not descriptive enough for your purpose, rename it by clicking Edit Tab, change the name and click OK.

  2. Create a card and choose a statistic for it to show.

  3. Create more tabs and cards using the Add New Tabs and Add Card buttons.

Chart and numerical statistics

You can view most statistics as two different types:

  • Chart shows statistics drawn as a graph or a pie chart

  • Numerical shows statistics as key figures in a large font

    Numericals can be shown as values per queue or as cumulative.

Figure 1. Numerical statistics
Figure 2. Chart statistics

Since you can select for each statistic if it should be shown as a chart or numerical, a tab can include statistics of both types at the same time. To switch between the two types, use the button:

When you switch the type, all statistics on the tab will be shown as either charts or numericals. To return a tab with a mix of charts and numericals to its original state, click the middle button.