User Interface Elements

You navigate the user interface to administer and configure your system. The user interface is structured as follows:

  • Header area (1)

  • Navigation bar (2)

  • Work area (3)

  • Status bar (4)

Figure 1. User Interface Elements

Header Area

This view is static and contains the menu bar: File, Personalize, and Help. For example, the general settings are defined in Personalize. Furthermore, the Back button is in this area allows you to move backwards during your navigation.

Navigation Bar

This is a two-level tree hierarchy that allows you to navigate between different items. When you click an item, the corresponding content is displayed in the work area.

Work Area

This is a dynamic view that changes according to your navigation. It displays various assignment blocks that can be expanded and collapsed.

Status Bar

The status bar displays various messages related to the software status and usage.