Search Templates


Defining and saving search criteria for particular objects (for example queues) allows you to quickly access the requested objects. You define the search criteria and save them. This way the search criteria is at your disposal in the Saved Searches list.


You must have rights to modify your own settings in order to save search criteria.


You are the queue administrator in a company that offers service via voice, e-mail and chat channels. You want to see the queue types as separate lists so you do the following:

  1. Use Type as the search criterion by choosing the type (phone, e-mail, or chat) from the dropdown list.

  2. Choose Search.

    The search result list appears.

    If there are many items on the search result list, you can deselect Show Search to hide the search view. This way there is more room for the search result list.

    Although you define the maximum number of search results in Personalize > General Settings, you can also change the number of displayed results per search by entering a new value into the Maximum Number of Search Results field in the search view. The change affects only the next new search you carry out. The value defined in your settings is used after you have carried out the search.

  3. Enter a name for the search result list (for example Phone Queues) and choose Save.

    The next time you need to search for the phone queues, choose Phone Queues from the Saved Searches list and choose Search.

    If you want to modify the search criteria, choose Go and the search criterion field is displayed and you can add more search criteria before executing the search.