Managing Call Bandwidth Control (CBC)

The call bandwidth control (CBC) is required when the available bandwidth cannot handle the voice streams. The system is divided into the locations that are defined by IP ranges, subnets, network elements or specific user groups, and each location has an assigned bandwidth value.

  • CBC does not support multiple codec implementation and may not calculate the optimal bandwidth limits in all configuration cases.

  • After changing any CBC-related settings in Global Switching Settings or Locations dedicated to CBC, restart in IA all Call Dispatcher (CD) servers in the system.

  1. To start using the control, select the Use Call Bandwidth Control option.
  2. Configure the optional settings according to the following table.



    Numbers with No Bandwidth Check

    Enter the numbers that are not affected by the CBC restrictions, separate several numbers with semicolons.

    Check Bandwidth During Call Arrival

    Select this option to check bandwidth availability already when the call arrives. If there is no available bandwidth at that time, the call is rejected.

    Codec for Bandwidth Check

    To limit the bandwidth check to the calls of a certain codec, choose the codec from G.729, G.711A, G.711µ.

    ISDN Cause Code

    Enter the cause code of ISDN standard that is used when disconnecting a call due to lack of bandwidth. The default value is 17 (busy).

    Update Interval for Server Bandwidth Usage (s)

    Enter the time interval in seconds for updating the bandwidth usage for the application server that is using the bandwidths in call allocation policy. The default value is 60, the bandwidth usage is updated once a minute.

    Bandwidth Value for G.711 Codec

    Enter the value (kilobits per second) that is reserved for calls that use G.711A-law or G.711 µ-law codec. The default value is 80.

    Bandwidth Value for G.729 Codec

    Enter the value (kilobits per second) that is reserved for calls that use G.729 codec. The default value is 25.

    High Bandwidth Use

    Define if the high bandwidth is used, choose one of the following options:

    • Not Used

    • Add Percentage

    • Decrease Percentage

  3. Save your entries.
  4. Go to Locations view and define the locations that are used for the CBC:
    1. Search for existing locations and select the appropriate ones from the list. If the appropriate locations are not defined yet, see the Locations.

    2. Select the Use for Call Bandwidth Control checkbox.

  5. Save your entries.
  6. Restart in IA all CD servers in the system.