Agent Guidance

This feature provides experienced personnel, for example supervisors, the ability to provide guidance, training, or mentoring to other colleagues.

The basis of the agent guidance revolves around an internal chat conversation which is either initiated by an agent requesting assistance from a pool of supervisors serving in a queue or directly by a supervisor from various points in Communication Panel or Dashboard.

Both parties then converse via an agent guidance chat session. Additionally, the supervisor has agent guidance features which allow them to monitor the agent’s conversation list, conversations, and actions.

As a supervisor, you can:

  • Converse with the agent via the agent guidance chat session
  • Monitor the agent's actions while they handled their ongoing conversations
  • Listen to a call between an agent and a caller. Neither of the parties can hear you.
  • Coach the agent during a call. Only the agent hears your coaching
  • Participate in a call. Joining the call allows all parties to interact. (Includes conference calls)
  • Intercept a call from the agent. The agent is disconnected, and you continue with the caller.
  • Hang up a call. Call parties are disconnected, and the related call is terminated.
  • Record a call by using the agent’s recording function. The agent can see this action and can listen to recording after if they have rights to do so.
  • Respond to a chat transcript entry using the reference feature which allows for quoted text to be used in a response in the internal agent guidance chat.

Designed Use

  • The agent guidance session is between one agent and one supervisor at a time so the supervisor can monitor only one agent and the same agent cannot be supervised by another supervisor.
  • Agents are kept informed of the supervisor’s current actions during a guidance session, for example starting and stopping of the monitoring actions.
  • Depending on the configuration, agent may deny the supervisor from monitoring call-based conversations.
  • User rights and templates are used to define the user’s role and permissible agent guidance actions.
  • Supervisors cannot use the simultaneous ring mode for supervision activities. Agents can while being supervised.
  • Supervisors cannot monitor calls that are on hold.
  • It is recommended that the dedicated UI launch buttons in Communication Panel and Dashboard are used to maintain active sessions for agent guidance.


For agents:
  • The chat function enabled in System Configurator (SC)
  • Rights to serve in the internal chat queue created for agent guidance

For supervisors:

  • The user setting template setting Enable Supervisor Elements and Actions and the chat function enabled
  • Rights to serve in the internal chat queue created for agent guidance
  • Rights to barge-in, listen, and coach