Getting Started

To start using Communication Panel, you need a user account and a login address.

  • Only open one Communication Panel session. Multiple sessions are not supported.
  • We recommend that you clear your browser’s cache after upgrade of Communication Panel, or alternatively use the browser’s incognito mode (in some browsers known as private mode).
  • Disable browser add-ons as they may affect Communication Panel functionality.


  • If your workstation's operating system is Windows, you can use the application with Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox. For macOS, only Chrome is supported. We recommend using the latest version of the browser.

    Mobile platforms are not supported.

    The used browser may affect microphone, playback and ringtone device settings. For more information, see Define Your Audio Device.

  • Launch the application from the address provided by your superuser.

  • Make sure your browser allows:

    • notifications if you want to see Windows notifications, for example, for incoming conversations and phone connection loss and restore

    • using the microphone if you want to handle calls

      You need a microphone and playback device for calls.

  • Check that sleep mode and memory saver mode are disabled in the browser.

Your administrator needs to provide this address, and enable multi-chats and emails for your account in System Configurator. For more information, see Operation Guide section Communication Panel.