A script is a questionnaire that you can fill out while or after handling an incoming or outgoing conversation.

Scripts are linked to queues, and when you accept a conversation from such a queue, the Script icon appears in the side navigation bar in the upper right corner of the conversation view. In addition, the same script is offered also when you select the queue as a source for outgoing conversations.

There are two types of scripts:
  • A static script displays all questions and answers at once.
  • An interactive script displays questions one by one and the answers can determine the next question. However, the same question can exist only once in a script.

Creating Scripts and Assigning Scripts to Queues

Administrators define scripts and link them to queues in System Configurator.

Viewing Scripts

In addition to conversation view, scripts can be viewed in the detailed view of the History view.

Script results can be viewed in the Script View of the Online Monitoring application and in the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports.