Chats and Messages

Chats are conversations, such as text messages, web chat, video chat, and messages from Facebook Messenger, Viber, or WhatsApp, depending which integrations are used in your system.

Communication Panel supports the multi-chat function. This means that you can have several simultaneous chat conversations. They are listed in Conversations, and when the chat requires attention, it alerts.

You can receive chats of different subtypes and reply to them. If the subtype is known, it is shown in the incoming message. You can start a new chat conversation only by sending a text message (SMS) or a WhatsApp message.

Conversations have a timeout: the conversation automatically ends after the defined time of inactivity (when neither agent or customer has not sent any new messages). The timeout is configured in System Configurator.

If you have a network problem or log out during an active chat conversation, the system transfers the conversation to the top of the original queue a minute after the disconnection unless you log back in. The customer gets a message that can be defined by your administrator in System Configurator. You'll see the info message "Contact center transferred chat" in the chat conversation.

You can add internal notes, for example if you need to transfer the conversation, or if it is related to another conversation.