Queues are used for routing conversations to available agents serving in them. Conversations wait in the queue until they are offered or picked by an agent.

The queues where you can serve are listed in the Home view. For longer list of queues use the scroll. Alternatively, use the sort and filter options to customize the listed queues to your preference.

Queues displays the following items:
  • Checkbox for joining/leaving a queue
  • Queue type
  • Queue name
  • Number of currently queuing conversations
    • An allocated call remains in the queue statistics.
    • An allocated chat remains in the queue statistics.
    • An allocated email is removed from the queue statistics.

      If preferred/required agent is used for email conversations, replies to emails will not appear in the queue statistics. These conversations are allocated straight to the responsible agents.

  • Longest waiting time in the queue
    • When the waiting time is more than 96 hours, it is displayed as number of days.
    • The waiting time for conversations in email queues is calculated using the opening hours set in queue settings with schedules.
  • Number of free/serving agents