Using Search Function

You use this procedure to search for objects in the system. Depending on the object type, you have different search criteria available.

Define the maximum number of search results in Personalize > General Settings. If the search results exceed the defined number of search results, the plus (+) sign is displayed after the number of found items (for example 30+). You should check your search criteria to reduce the number of results.

The default search type, when it is available, is like and you can use the wildcard character asterisk (*) when searching for objects with this search type.

  1. If the search criterion fields are not shown, select Show Search.
  2. Choose the search criteria and enter the values.

    The plus (+) and minus (-) signs allow you to add and remove search criterion fields according to your needs.

  3. Choose Search.

    The search results list appears. If no matches are found, the list is empty.

    If you choose Search without entering any search criteria, the result list contains all those objects (for example queues) that are in the system.

    You can also save your search results to access them quickly later.