The following changes and improvements have been made in Dashboard.

Export to Excel

A button has been added to most tables in Dashboard for exporting data to Excel. In addition to the data from the table, the export includes a timestamp of the export, the user's username, and any filter categories applied. The export only includes data visible in the table, which means that data, for example, from hidden columns or behind the Load More link is not exported..

New Queue Serving Status Chart to Home View

A new Queue Serving Status chart has been added to help team leaders and managers see how a selected queue or queues are being served by the agents who have serving rights for them. The chart includes three tables:

  • The top table shows a summary of a queue with the number of queueing conversations and the number of agents signed in.
  • The bottom left agent table shows the status of the agents signed in, their availability, and active profile.
  • The bottom right conversation table shows all active conversations that are in process, pending, or in wrap-up according to the listed agents.
Note: The visibility of the agents and active conversations depend on the Dashboard user’s rights.