System Configurator (SC)

The following changes and improvements have been made in System Configurator.

Superusers role update

The right to manage user groups has been added to the Superusers role. This helps prevent situations where only an individual superuser could manage them.

Content checker configuration

You configure the content checker in System Configurator > User and Role Management > User Settings Template > [template] > Communication Panel (CP) Chat Input Cleanup. To content to be highlighted in red you define with regular expressions. For content to be highlighted in orange or yellow, use listing or separate words with a comma.

Preferred agent in transfers

Previously when an agent transferred a chat converstation, the system set them as preferred agent. Now chat transfer no longer sets an agent as preferred. Only if the transfer fails, the agent who transferred the chat is a preferred agent and the system tries to allocate the chat to them.

In call transfers the agent is still considered as preferred agent by default but you can now configure whether to use this function. The setting Use preferred agent in transfers in channel settings affects all calls and in queue settings you can define its use per queue.

Personal wrap-up time

Personal Wrap-Up Time (User Settings Template > Communication Panel (CP) Settings) can now be set up to 120 minutes.