System Configurator (SC)

The following changes and improvements have been made in System Configurator.

Email Keyword

Keyword rule that is specified for Recipient Address is searched from To address list of the message in addition to the mailbox address.

Java 8 Support

We have discontinued support for Java 8 in Sinch Contact Pro. The supported Java versions from the version 23Q2 onwards are:
  • Oracle Java version 11 or 17
  • Azul Zulu Java version 11 or 17

Password Policy

The default password policy has been changed. The new default values for the password policy settings are:

  • Minimun Password Length: 16 characters
  • Initial Password Must Be Changed: selected by default
  • Maximunm Failed Logon Attempts: 5
  • Lock Duration: 30 minutes
  • Password Expiry: 365 days

This change affects only new installations.

External Device Use

Communication Panel users using the Simultaneous Ring Mode (SRM) function can now be forced to accept calls only from the external audio device by using the new System Configurator template parameter Disable Accept Button if using SRM (enabling conformity to India TRAI regulations).

Logging in Communication Panel

Communication Panel's log level can now be set as Low, Medium, or High from System Configurator on the user settings template. Administrators can also prevent Communication Panel users from modifying the level. Alternatively, the log level can be set as High for a specific user as a temporary, timed event. When the user-level setting expires, the logging returns from High to the level set in the user settings template.


By default, 23Q2 has logging set as Medium, as recommended by Sinch, and Deny User-Level Modifications selected on the user template level. Only change this setting if advised by Sinch support.