Miscellaneous Improvements

This section lists changes to the existing functions and features.

SAPUI Update

The SAPUI5 framework used by Communication Panel, Launchpad, and Data Protection Officer (DPO) Tool has been updated from version 1.71.49 to 1.71.55.

JavaScript SIP Library Update

The JavaScript SIP library used by Communication Panel has been updated to the release of JsSIP 3.10.0.

Sinch Conversation API


Sinch Contact Pro now reads Sinch Conversation API metadata from the message metadata field. Previously it was read from an incorrect field.

New Supported Channels by Sinch Contact Pro

  • MMS

    Text based messages and rich content. Note that if the message has no rich content, Sinch Conversation API changes the channel to SMS whereas in Sinch Contact Pro the channel must remain the same. Therefore for this to work, you need middleware, such as Flows.

  • XMS (in practice MMS)

    Not yet supported in Sinch Conversation API

    Text based messages and rich content. The channel remains the same regardless of message content.

SAP Service Cloud Integration

SAP Service Cloud Version 2 and Agent Desktop now support social channels. This means that conversations from social channels handled in Communication Panel can now be identified correctly in SAP Service Cloud.

CPU Use with Downloads

CPU use related to attachment/media download has been improved.