Miscellaneous improvements

This section lists changes to the existing functions and features.

Preferred agent in transfers

When an agent transfers a conversation either to the same queue or to another queue, the system considers them as preferred agent. This means that the conversation is not offered to any other free agent but instead to the agent who transferred the conversation. Now the logic has been changed and when an agent transfers a conversation, the preferred agent tag is removed and the conversation can be offered to any free agent suitable for handling the conversation. However, the exception is a failed transfer: if a transfer fails, the conversation comes back to the original queue and the agent transferring the conversation is tagged as preferred agent.

SAPUI5 update

The SAPUI5 framework used by Communication Panel, Launchpad, and Data Protection Officer (DPO) Tool has been updated to version 1.71.64.

Deprecation trial token for third party cookie restrictions

Google is phasing out third party cookies . To comply with this development, Sinch Contact Pro now provides a deprecation trial token in an embedded HTML meta tag . The token is added to mitigate possible problems due to coming third party cookie restrictions in Chrome and Chromium based browsers (such as Microsoft Edge).

Support for warm transfer

SAP Service Cloud (C4C, both V1 and V2) integration now supports warm transfer of calls by showing the correct customer data in C4C when an agent receives the transferred call.

Warm transfer (consultative transfer) flow:

  1. Agent A is talking with a customer and decides to make a consultation call to Agent B.

  2. When Agent B answers, C4C does not react on the internal consultation call.

  3. When Agent A transfers (joins) the customer call to Agent B, C4C receives the customer call event and creates a timeline entry for the customer call.

SAP Service Cloud (C4C)

Action item based voicemails and abandoned calls

SAP Service Cloud (C4C) integration now supports Contact Pro action item based voicemails and action item based abandoned calls. When the user accepts one, now C4C searches for the contact person and shows their information.

Outbound campaign customer preview

It is now possible to set the Live Activity timeline in C4C to open automatically when the user is previewing an outbound campaign customer in Communication Panel. This is not the default behavior but can be enabled with a new parameter in conversation attached data (outbound_preview_liveactivity=true). If the parameter is not in use in CAD, C4C will search for the contact person as usual.