Corrected Defects

This section lists issues reported by customers and found during system testing.

Fixed defects related to customer reported incidents are marked with the support ID. If you have encountered an issue in your system and have created an incident, you can use that number to find the fix description in this document.

Communication Panel

Call issues

If an agent had an active queue call and transferred it to another queue where they were also serving:

  • Communication Panel failed to show the new offer screen. This happened because the previous view with the same conversation still existed after wrap-up until closed.

  • the agent couldn't answer the call after wrap-up unless they switched to Not Ready and back to Ready.

A call was displayed to the preferred agent even when the waiting time for preferred agent had expired and the call was already being handled by another agent.

Sometimes a transferred call in Communication Panel was not allocated to the transferring agent, who should have become the preferred agent, if there were other agents serving in the destination queue.

Communication Panel’s browser tab was falsely indicating the microphone was in use when not. This meant that the agent saw a constantly blinking red dot on the browser tab. The microphone was only in use during calls. Communication Panel now follows the browser principle for microphone use so that the microphone is only requested and active during call handling. When there is no call, the microphone is not active, meaning the red dot is not shown.

The fix in the previous release to enable agents to change audio device after the first call was not working. ID: SCC-2026, SCC-4775

The Conference and Join buttons were disabled after two consecutive consultation calls. ID: SCC-3586

Since the 22Q2 release issues were reported with the Make a Call option, as the A number defined for use was not always used. ID: SCC-4231, SCC-4234, SCC-4041, SCC-4233, SCC-4627

Chat issues

A hyperlink was broken in a WhatsApp conversation if it contained special characters used in WhatsApp rich text. ID: SCC-3832

Email issues

Using the browser's autofill for the To field affected content in other fields. Autofill has been disabled for Cc, Bcc, and Subject fields. ID: SCC-3682

Double-clicking a button in the extension area made the email editor unusable. ID: SCC-3961

The cursor position in the email editor was not maintained when user clicked a new tab or extension and returned back to view email. ID: SCC-3580, SCC-1272

Sending of email attachments larger than 3Mb failed to send via MS Azure Graph API. ID: SCC-2400, SCC-2467

Emails with inline images failed to be displayed in some email services such as Gmail. ID: SCC-3863

Campaign call issues

The next call to the same customer (call result INSTANT_REDIAL) in the progressive mode wasn't in the preview mode as it should so that the agent can change the phone number if needed.

Automatic answering (using setting Use Auto-Answering with Auto-Allocated Conversations) did not always work in predictive outbound campaign calls. ID: SCC-3732

Other issues

If the browser window was narrow, the arrow used for choosing an answer to a script question was not visible in a multiple selection dropdown field.

Communication Panel failed to load history data. This occurred because the CMI query /contacts timed out due to ineffective query handling. ID: SCC-4218

Sharing media via Conversation API occasionally failed.

Replies to active SMS discussions initiated from a US-based number were not reaching the customer.

Loading pending conversations failed due to an issue in the /entries resource of DPI and the /settings resource in RMI. ID: SCC-4433

The search result list in the Check Availability field didn't show an icon for queues that were from the email channel. Now the envelope icon is shown for email or task queues.

Users were misled to thinking pending conversations in My Conversations could be transferred from the Check Availability field. Now only active conversations in My Conversations show the transfer option. ID: SCC-4168

The + (Create New) menu was occasionally displayed behind the third-party extensions. ID: SCC-4167


The percentage of handled conversations were calculated incorrectly.

The Queue filter dropdown found in both the Conversations and Agents view did not show long queue names completely. The dropdown has been adapted to accommodate longer queue names. ID: SCC-4339

RESTful Interfaces

The POST request of the /templateCompany resource caused Restful Configuration Interface (RCI) to be non-responsive and had to be restarted. SCC-4198

Directory search in Restful Directory and Presence Interface (DPI) didn't work with Unicode characters.

The parameters offset and limit of the /campaigns/{campaignId}/customers resource were missing from the OBI.html. ID: SCC-4225


SAP CRM instant messaging via Online Integration Interface (OII) was not working. ID: 217618 2022

When RI was started and rights were loaded, RI crashed due to returning unnecessary members and rights for user groups and roles.

Communication Panel did not update presences correctly in SAP CRM. The update has been fixed in OII's getUserPresence function. Presences are defined by Sinch Contact Pro as:

  • Available: The user has Communication Panel active and is in Ready state with no active phone calls (can have phone call in wrap-up, or active chat or email).

  • Busy: The user has Communication Panel active in Ready state but has active phone call.

  • NotAvailable: The user has Communication Panel active but in Not Ready or absence profile.

  • LoggedOff: The user does not have Communication Panel active.

ID: 207643 (2022)

When SAP Interaction Center was used with Communication Panel, the ending of a conversation's wrap-up did not end the wrap-up in SAP interaction Center. Now when wrap-up is ended in Communication Panel it also ends wrap-up in SAP Interaction Center. This change does not require any configuration. The SAP Interaction Center user is still expected to end the actual interaction in SAP Interaction Center by design. ID: 174535 (2022)

Customer identification failed with SAP Service Cloud if the customer email or chat address had an underscore. ID: SCC-4196, SCC-4258

LRI now uses UserGUID instead of LrUserGUID to ensure only one license is counted. ID: SCC-3668

Visitor Chat

The chat idle warning prompt was incorrectly send when a customer was in a queue.

Reporting and Monitoring

If allocation ended for one agent (Agent A) and started for another agent (Agent B) exactly at the same time, statistics for Agent B were wrong. ID: SCC-3521

A conversation was wrongly reported if waiting duration for the conversation was 0.

Incorrect agent status could be displayed in monitoring due to consecutive reporting events having exactly same timestamp. ID: SCC-2799


The clean-up procedure used email retention time instead of call retention times.

Sinch Contact Pro's applications of Dashboard, Visitor Chat Configurator, and Data Protection Officer (DPO) UI now log out correctly when IDP is used.