Corrected defects

This section lists issues reported by customers and found during system testing.

Fixed defects related to customer reported incidents are marked with the support ID. If you have encountered an issue in your system and have created an incident, you can use that number to find the issue description in this document.

Communication Panel

Call issues

When a warm transfer was made, the customer's phone number was displayed without the plus ( + ) sign.

A predictive campaign call (from any dialer type) was offered to an agent without any ringtone played by Communication Panel.

An agent exiting a preview campaign while actively being offered a campaign call from it could still preview the campaign customer without an actual call being made. Because of these actions, the campaign ended in a state where further calls could not be made from the campaign.

Chat issues

In case of Wavy carrier and chat starting with media, the first message was not delivered to Communication Panel agent. ID: SCC-11735

Occasionally errors for failing to send outbound messages were not delivered to the agent.

Email issues

An issue that broke URL in email containing query parameter &reg_data=something has been fixed.

Agents were not able to reply to previously handled outbound emails. The buttons for replying were missing.

Other issues

If the system received the Ready status before the profile information during Communication Panel login, agent status was not updated to Ready.

Theme colors were not correct in an offering screen. ID: SCC-11666

Ringtones for email, chat, and action items were continuously looped.

In the History view's detailed search, the Agent Name field was not able to show more than 1000 agents. This has been enhanced so that the field can be changed to fetch more agents. Please create a service request for this change. The field has also been adjusted to handle more than 1000 agents.

In a specific scenario, the Pick button stopped working in Picklist.


On Campaigns view's My Statistics tab, also the previous day's statistics were included in the agent's daily statistics. ID: SCC-11364

Resizing of the card when switching between chart and numerical type of a statistic didn't work in case of a cumulative card.

Refreshing when the carousel mode was enabled did not start carousel from the correct place and correct tab cards were not shown.

The Agents and Conversations tables did not maintain the user-defined columns and order.

Information about the agent that handled the callback request was missing if the last call to the customer was classified as non-successful (that is, after max. number of call attempts). ID: SCC-10148

SMS messages were not sent to all members in the group if the size of the group exceeded 100 members. ID: SCC-11327

Conversation search failed in request GET /cmi/contacts when body text was used as search criteria and results sorted by handling duration.

Conversations view didn't show transferred conversations correctly when using queues as search criteria. ID: SCC-10511

The GET /rmi/agents resource used in Dashboard may not have timed out during a prolonged execution, causing several simultaneous queries to get progressively slower. ID: SCC-9939

A user of the Agents view may have faced long loading times or even a browser message to wait when loading large amounts of agents and queues to view. Rendering the UI is now improved although further improvements will be seen in coming releases.

In the Conversation Details view, sometimes a minute was shown as 60 seconds in a timestamp.

System Configurator

The campaign administrator couldn't restart a campaign while the dialer was attempting to close it.

RESTful Interfaces

Restful Monitoring Interface (RMI) request GET /rmi/agents may have resulted in a timeout error. ID: SCC-9939

Request GET /cmi/contacts failed when body was used as search criteria and results sorted by handlingDuration.

The GET /rmi/agents resource used in Dashboard may not have timed out during a prolonged execution, causing several simultaneous queries to get progressively slower. ID: SCC-9939


When sending a message to SAP Cloud for Customer's (C4C) CTI interface, custom fields inside conversation attached data (CAD) were not formatted according to C4C's requirements.

Salesforce integration package ignored query parameters specified in the Communication Panel URL which is defined in the call center configuration. ID: SCC-12510

When an agent answered a call in Customer Interaction Center and no auto-answer was defined in Communication Panel, there was only one-way audio.

Agent status and profile synchronization between SAP CRM IC and Communication Panel failed. ID: SCC-9475

Reporting and Monitoring

For outgoing calls in reporting, call duration was counted from the time when the call was connected. Now the dialling time is also included in call duration. ID: 124237 2024


Performance of SMS Server has been improved. This affects the system's ability to deliver mobile terminated messages (agent responses and prompts) for SMS and social channels.

Ad Hoc Prompt Management UI became slow due to browser improvements. ID: SCC-10544

Communication Panel users saw error messages about failed loading of conversation history and Dashboard users about too many results. This happened in a situation where a predictive campaign had been deleted. GET requests in queries RI/cmi/contacts and RI/rmi/contacts have been optimized to fix this. ID: SCC-11181

If webhook secret for Sinch Conversation API was longer than 16 characters, inbound messages were not delivered to agent.

Quality Monitoring Server (QMS) was unable to send call events at the rate they were happening. Events piled up in a queue and were sent when the call had already been disconnected. ID: SCC-10362

In some systems, RTP stream of notifications of unconnected calls was left in UDP buffers of operating system or network devices. Those packets then interfered with voice stream of other calls. Reading of these unneeded packets is now improved and UDP buffers are clear of packets when call starts. ID: SCC-11093

System occasionally lost recording HUBs when answering and disconnecting of an outgoing call happened at the same time. This could lead to a situation where no HUBs were left to record calls.

Mobile originated messages from Viber and Facebook Messenger didn't contain file extension which meant that agents couldn't open the files. ID: SCC-11679

When the previous year's data was deleted at the beginning of a new year, a step in the SQL job failed. ID: SCC-11307