Corrected Defects

This section lists issues reported by customers and found during system testing.

Fixed defects related to customer reported incidents are marked with the support ID. If you have encountered an issue in your system and have created an incident, you can use that number to find the issue description in this document.

Communication Panel

Call issues

If transfer failed from agent A to agent B because agent B didn't answer, the call ended. Now the call is returned to the original queue agent A set as preferred agent.

An agent having a presence profile with the default behavior of Busy was not able to answer a returning call that was transferred but rejected by the receiving agent. ID: SCC-7050

A headset device using Human Interface Devices (HID) actions like accept, hold, or unhold was unintentionally affecting the selected conversation in view without checking the conversation type or status first. This may have also caused issues, such as error 405, because the system tried to accept an already accepted conversation. Logic is now applied to using HID actions for a conversation. ID: SCC-7642

Communication Panel sent duplicate SIP events unnecessarily. This may have caused issues with call handling.

Chat issues

Occasionally, due to a timing issue, Communication Panel proposed using a WhatsApp message template even though the 24-hour temporary opt-in (WhatsApp calls this a customer service window) was still open.

If Communication Panel had a large number of extension area buttons and the Communication Panel window was made too small to show them all, a grey box showed up under the chat input field.

Email issues

Updating a draft email may have caused unnecessary warnings in the Communication Panel log. Only relevant messages are now included in the log.

Occasionally, active emails in the Conversation view disappeared after a reload.

Occasionally, the system didn't close an email correctly, causing it to be stuck in view. Only a reload helped.

Occasionally, an agent couldn't interact with an email conversation because it appeared to be stuck in the Conversation view or it was not shown at all. This has been fixed by improving the code used when handling the address name in Communication Panel. ID: SCC-7465

If a user was editing several emails that contained inline images, removing an inline image from one email could have removed inline images from the other emails too.

In certain circumstances, agents could not use their available email addresses in the From field. This happened due to synchronization issues and the logic used for queue serving statuses, which allowed or restricted email address use. This logic has now been moved to Communication Panel. Email addresses are only restricted if the agent has a queue serving status of Not Serving and has been assigned forced queues. ID: SCC-7387

Occasionally, when an agent marked one email of several as pending, Communication Panel didn't handle the status change correctly. This caused the email to be shown incorrectly in both the active and pending lists and to be shown twice in the work area.

Occasionally an email attachment added by the agent was showing as Pending instead of Added. ID: SCC-7953

Communication Panel's email editor incorrectly moved the focus to the end of the email message when using a reply template for a new email. ID: SCC-7664

Callback issues

A newly created callback request was incorrectly shown in the agent's conversation list as a pending conversation. This has been fixed so that callback requests created by the agent aren't shown. ID: SCC-8074

Connection issues

Sometimes the Communication Panel session was still open although the application was closed. This had the following consequences:

  • agent was seen in Dashboard as logged in
  • if agent was serving in queues and had the ready status when Communication Panel was closed, agent might have been seen as serving in email/chat queues and therefore, conversations were allocated to them
  • if an error related to the session closure occurred several times, agent could no longer log in

Other issues

When the system was configured to prompt to enter a reason for listening and users were using SSO, they couldn't listen to recordings. ID: SCC-8031

The notification dot for the Internal Notes extension sometimes disappeared when switching away from the related conversation.

When using multiselect to transfer conversations to an agent, it was found that an auto answer with a configured delay could cause only the first conversation to be answered automatically. The rest required the agent to accept them. The code has been improved to handle this situation so all conversations are accepted automatically. ID: SCC-7400

The multiselect transfer window showed an incorrect count of 0 for a queue's queuing conversations. It now shows correctly how many conversations are in queue.

If the user applied a queue search to the multiselect transfer window, the search term was lost during the automatic refresh intervals. Any queue search term applied is now kept when the view is refreshed.

In the multiselect transfer window, the counter for Conversations Selected only updated the count at the refresh interval of Picklist. Now the count also decreases when the agent takes a multiselect action for a selected conversation.

If two agents started to pick the same conversation(s) at the same time using multiselect, it was possible that the toast message of one of these agents would show an incorrect conversation count. Additionally, the conversation would be missing in the agent's Conversation view. The conversation ended up with a status of Handled without either agent marking it as handled.

In some cases, when two agents picked, transferred, or handled conversations using multiselect, the conversation count in the toast message was incorrect by 1. The count has been improved to handle such scenarios.

The Automatic Status Change message popover (shown to the agent when they are automatically set as Not Ready) remained visible although the agent's Ready status was restored from Dashboard. The message is now closed also in such a situation.

Changes made in System Configurator for Communication Panel were correctly updated according to the changes. Although, they may have failed to take effect in the UI until the user logged out and then back in again. Communication Panel now reacts to changes as they are received from System Configurator.


Recordings commanded by QMS were not always visible in Dashboard. ID: SCC-7851

System Configurator

To prevent conflicts with timeouts used by JsSIP, for the phone channel only, the System Configurator parameter Timeout for Contacts to be Picked or Rejected (on either the channel or queue level) has had its default value changed from two minutes to one minute. One minute has also been set as the maximum value allowed in this field. This applies for the phone channel only. Email and chat channels remain as before, with a default value of two minutes.

Changing users' rights created unnecessary processes causing delays in user rights update.


A browser crash caused a duplicate entry to SAP Cloud for Customer C4C when an agent opened UIs again. ID: 108792 2023

In an SAP CRM IC integration, an email or a task from picklist generated a double event and the same email/task was counted twice. ID: SCC-7098

My Conversations view had minor performance issues.

TMI returned data incorrectly in local time. RTI also returned time values incorrectly. ID: SCC-8219

Embedded Communication Panel operating in My Conversations mode could accidentally automatically open multiple pop-out Communication Panel windows. This is fixed so that, at any time, only one pop-out window will be automatically opened. ID: SCC-8248

If an agent made an outgoing call in Communication Panel (not indicated in CRM IC) and another outgoing call in CRM IC while the first call was still active, OII did a consultation call instead of an outgoing call.

Visitor Chat

If the host page had CSS applied to iFrame, the Launchpad and Web Chat were incorrectly stretched across page.

Visitor Chat did not always play sound notification for new messages. This could happen if sounds were enabled but sound notification file was not specifically changed via the dropdown menu in the Chat Configurator.


The system didn't recover chats after an issue or upgrade. ID: SCC-7795