Integration interfaces

The following changes have been made in the RESTful and integration interfaces.

Restful Configuration Interface (RCI)

The interface has the following improvements and new features:

  • Password expiration date (field passwordExpiration) has been added to the users resource and users/{userId} GET request. It can also now be used as search criteria in the users resource (query parameters passwordExpiration and passwordExpirationEnd).

  • New settings have been added to the usersettingstemplates resource to define patterns and text for content checker to recognize and highlight in Communication Panel:
    • ECFUI_RegexFilter (for patterns highlighted in red and created with regular expressions)
    • ECFUI_RegexWordsToAvoid (for words highlighted in orange and created as comma-separated list or unordered list)
    • ECFUI_RegexWordsNotRecommended (for words highlighted in yellow and created as comma-separated list or unordered list)

Event-driven integration framework

Support for the email channel (including emails, tasks, and action items) and authentication using OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Grant has been added.

Channel selection has been added for new integrations. Options are:

  • Phone

  • Chat

  • Email

  • Multi-Channel

Previously added integrations are automatically considered multi-channel.

Triggering several integrations for the same conversation event is now possible. There's a new Ordinal field where you can define the order in which the integrations will be triggered. To use conversation attached data (CAD) that has been saved in one integration, you can use another, so-called echo integration for the same conversation. With the echo integration, you can, for example, set a preferred or required agent for the conversation based on a condition applied to the CAD.