Integration interfaces

The following changes have been made in the RESTful and integration interfaces.

Event-driven integration framework

A new framework has been created for integrating Sinch Contact Pro with web services both externally and inside the system. This low-code framework makes it possible to trigger an integration based on a conversation event, such as when the conversation is accepted, transferred, or ended.

You can use the framework, for example, for the following scenarios:

  • Fetch customer data from a customer data platform (CDP) or customer relationship management (CRM) system and show it to the agent in Communication Panel's extension area.

  • Send a customer a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey or send feedback after a conversation is over.

  • Listen to conversation lifecycle events and receive conversation data from Sinch Contact Pro by using a webhook.

  • Control the routing of conversations, for example, by assigning a required or preferred agent.

Event-driven integrations can be configured in System Configurator. Administrators can define:

  • The URL of the web service (endpoint)

  • The conversation events that trigger the integration

  • The conversations in which the integration is used:

    • Direction: inbound, outbound or both

    • Direct conversations: calls and/or chats

    • Queues

  • Credentials or access keys needed for request authentication

  • Request building and response handling as JSON code

For more information, see the Event-Driven Integrations document.