Integration Interfaces

The following changes have been made in the RESTful and integration interfaces.

Restful Outbound Campaign Interface (OBI)

Additional statistical data has been added to the /RI/obi/campaigns resource.

A PUT method has been added into the /campaigns/{campaignId} resource.

Restful Contact Management Interface (CMI)

The cmi/s3attachment resource now supports audio and video attachments such as ogg, opus, and mp4, and email attachments such as gif, xls/xlsx, and ppt/pptx.

New methods for populating requests have been added. For more information, see API documentation.

Restful Monitoring Interface (RMI)

Performance of rmi/agents has been improved.

Restful Contact Management Interface (CMI) and Restful Monitoring Interface (RMI)

Wrap-up conversations have been added to cache in:

  • GET/RI/cmi/contacts
  • GET/RI/rmi/contacts

Restful License Reporting Interface (LRI)

To improve performance, queries have been optimized.

Online Integration Interface (OII)

Source address for an incoming conversation from social channels is now shown in email format via OII. This enables SAP CRM IC to identify business partner. For example, a WhatsApp number +1 123 123 123 is shown as

Communication Panel Third-Party Extension Messaging API

The API now supports:

  • message command
  • joining a phone call (for example a call on hold) with an ongoing phone call (for example a consultation call)
  • starting a WhatsApp chat

Restful Directory and Presence Interface (DPI)

New resource /entryDetails for directory group entries has been added. For more information, see API documentation.