Communication Panel

The following changes and improvements have been made in Communication Panel.

Connection issue during call offering

A new toast message (Call could not be connected. The network connection became unstable.) has been added for a situation when the user's connection to Sinch Contact Pro is lost during a call offering. When this happens, the call is declined by the system and Dashboard's Conversation Details will show "No Phone" as a state for an event.

Conversation offering screen

Agents can now see if they are either a preferred or required agent when they are offered an email or a chat. Required agent information also includes the expiration time.

Selectable caller number

Using the smart link, for example, in the History or Directory view to make a call gives an agent the option to select the source number.

Notification messages via operating system

To make sure agents are aware of the possible phone disconnection issues and status change to not ready, Communication Panel now informs an agent about the following situations via operating system notifications:
  • when the phone loses connection to the backend

  • when the phone connection is restored

  • when the agent hasn't accepted offered conversations within the queue’s specified offering time, their ready status is automatically set to not ready

Clicking the notification moves the focus on Communication Panel.​ To allow these notifications, agents need to give permission to them in the browser settings. In a CRM integration, the permission is given in the browser settings of the CRM page.