Importing and Exporting IVR Applications


You can import VoiceXML files in the system, and edit them according to your needs. Only supported elements are imported.

To get example IVRs that you can use as templates, contact Sinch.


You must have rights to modify custom-made IVRs.


To import a VoiceXML file to the system:

  1. On the System Configurator main screen, choose IVR Management > Custom IVRs.

  2. To open the IVR Application Versions block, click Add New and enter the application name, or click Search, double-click one of the applications on the list, and choose one of the versions.

  3. Click the Import button that is now enabled in the IVR Application Versions block.

  4. Choose the xml file, and click Open. The import creates a new version to the IVR application.


    Only limited VoiceXML functions are supported. If the imported XML file includes non-supported functions, they are removed during import. That may cause malfunction in the imported IVR. Supported functions are listed in the table Supported VoiceXML Elements.

  5. Check that no errors are displayed, and that all attributes in elements have appropriate values for your environment. Edit as required.

  6. Click Save.

Exporting IVR Applications

To export an IVR application to a VoiceXML file:

  1. Choose the IVR application and its version.

  2. Click the Export button that is now enabled in the IVR Application Versions block.

  3. Enter the file name for the xml file, and click Save.