IVR Examples

These sections show some basic use examples for the VoiceXML-based IVR editor.

In the following examples, a simple menu IVR is made. It enables transferring a call in one of the two queues according to the caller’s choice. You can easily add more choices according to your needs.

Additionally, some examples of IVR xml files are available. To get these example files, contact Sinch.

  • Example_QueueTransfer_IVR_import.xml is an example of a simple queue transfer IVR used in the example above.

  • Example_IVR_Conditional.xml helps making an IVR that makes a queue query and transfers a call according to the results of that query. This can be used, for example, to handle congestion situations.

  • Example_Survey_IVR.xml and Example_Opt_In_IVR.xml examples can be used in a survey IVR.

  • Example_IVR_CallInHandler.xml and Example_IVR_CallOutHandler.zip provide examples of transferring call attached data (CAD), see Transferring Data in X-Headers. Added in SP06 Patch 1.

  • Example_Recording_Consent_IVR.xml can be used as a template when making Consent IVRs. Added in 1711.