Custom Parameters


With this field, you can define parameters that IVR applications can use. The defined parameters appear with a prefix var: in the selection lists for defining elements’ attribute conditions and expressions in the same way as variables.

Custom parameters are not included in exports when IVRs are exported. If you use your IVR in several contact center systems and export and import it a lot, consider using a variable instead. On the other hand, if you need to update the values of your parameters often, it is easier to enter them in the Custom Parameters block.


The parameters related to Survey IVRs and Consent IVRs cannot be defined here, they are managed in the Survey IVR Settings block and in System Services > Recording Settings, in the Consent IVR block, respectively.

To enter new parameters:

  1. Enter the parameter name in the Name field.

  2. Enter the parameter value in the Value field.

  3. Click Save in the upper left corner of the view.


Port for Callout Result Data

To define the port for the result data return channel of the callout element, enter the parameter XMLServicePort and appropriate value. The return channel uses the CEM server’s IP address.

Conditional IVR: Limit for Number of Calls

In the built-in IVR example Example_IVR_Conditional, the parameter MaxCallsInQueue is used. The defined value sets the limit if there is congestion in the queue: if the queue query results that more calls are queueing than the limit, calls are transferred to an overflow queue.

To use the example of the conditional IVR, enter the parameter MaxCallsInQueue in the Name field, and in the value field, enter the maximum number of calls that you want to allow to wait in a queue in your system.

If you make your own IVR that uses other queue queries, define your own parameters accordingly.