Managing calendars


Calendars are used for defining the days and months when a schedule is applicable. You can include and exclude weekdays, yearly calendar days, or time ranges. This means that you do not necessarily have to fill out all three blocks. For example, if you create a calendar for workdays, then select the workdays in the Weekdays block.

The system contains a calendar called Default. It cannot be opened, modified or deleted. This calendar has the priority value 0, and it can be used to define schedules for a regular basic service.


You must have rights to manage calendars.


  1. On the System Configurator main screen, choose Queue Management > Calendar.

  2. Choose Add New.

    A screen area with relevant assignment blocks appears.

  3. In the Basics block, enter the name for the calendar and choose the priority.

    Each calendar has a unique priority value and if several calendars are applied simultaneously, the calendar with the highest priority is used.


    You have a calendar called Workdays and another one called Holidays. You can define the Workdays calendar with the priority value 60 and the Holidays calendar with the value 110. When there is a special holiday on a weekday, the schedule using the Holidays calendar is used. Choose both calendars for the contact center or for specific queues in the schedules view.

  4. In the Weekdays block, you can select the days to which your calendar applies.

  5. In the Yearly Calendar Days block, you can specify days when the calendar is used.


    You want to define when the service is closed with one calendar:

    1. You enter the name (Holidays) and priority (110) for the calendar.

    2. You choose Saturday and Sunday in the Weekdays block.

    3. You enter the other weekdays when the service is closed in the Yearly Calendar Days by double-clicking an empty row in the Date column, and a calendar icon appears. Click the icon and the calendar opens allowing you to choose the dates. In the Description field, enter the name of the public holiday (for example Easter Monday).

  6. To define specific dates when the calendar is applicable, enter the start and end dates in the Date Range block.


    Your service is closed in July so you create a calendar for this time period:

    1. You enter the name (Summer Holiday) and priority (130) ) for the calendar.

    2. In the Date Range block, you then enter the start date and end date for the calendar, and in the Description field, you can enter the reason for the data range (for example Service closed due to holiday season).

    In the Schedules view, you create a service times schedule that uses this calendar.

  7. For information about the rights assignment block, see Access Rights.

  8. Save your entries.

Modifying or Deleting Calendars

  1. On the System Configurator main screen, choose Queue Management > Calendar.

  2. Search for the calendar you want to modify or delete.

    The search result list appears.

  3. Choose the calendar by double-clicking it.

  4. Modify the settings and save your changes, or choose Delete.