Prompt files

A prompt file is a repository for objects that can be used for making audio prompts in the system. A prompt file can contain multiple audio files but there can be only one file per language.

During installation, the default set of prompt files is added to system. These prompt files are displayed on the user interface as built-in prompt files. You cannot edit them.

To import new audio files into the system, you can define your own prompt files. The audio files (WAV files) must be in the format PCM 8 kHz, 16 bit, Mono.

Prompt Type tells where in the system the prompt file will be used. You must choose the prompt type when you create new prompt files. However, it is not mandatory to link the prompt type (for example InQueue) to the same audio prompt file (In Queue Message).

The types used in queues and direct calls are recognized by their names, such as Welcome Message or Service Closed message, and they are typically used by deafult, there is no need to configure them.

The type IVR Prompt is used for various purposes in IVRs, and all these IVRs also require that they are configured, at least the IVR number must be set. The following IVR prompt files are available:
  • For opt-in IVR: opt-In instructions, opt-In instructions with callback, opt-In question. For more information, see Opt-In IVR and Survey IVR.

  • For survey IVR: survey IVR instructions, survey IVR question if the issue is solved, survey IVR call handling satisfaction question, survey IVR overall satisfaction question, survey IVR invalid choice situations, survey IVR problem situations, and survey IVR goodbye message. For more information, see Opt-In IVR and Survey IVR.
  • For consent IVR: consent question, consent question answered, and consent question no answer. For more information see Configuring Consent IVR.
  • For voicemail IVR: greeting, voicemail saved, voicemail not saved, and goodbye. For more information, see Voicemail IVR.