Managing queues in Sinch Contact Pro

For queue management, create queue groups.

In the same way as we recommend managing users and their roles and rights in user groups rather than individually, we recommend using queue groups for queues.

When you provide in a queue group appropriate access rights to a user group (or vice versa), users in the user group can work with the queues in the queue group.

The tenant is provided with a sample queue group Sample Queue Group that includes two sample queues:

  • Sample Queue Group

    • Sample Chat Queue,

    • Sample Phone Queue, 9999

In Sample Queue Group, appropriate access rights are defined for corresponding sample user groups:
  • Sample Agents Group: View and Serve (to be able to handle conversations in queues), and Statistics Details and Manage Contact History (to see conversation history and details) rights for queues in the queue group.

  • Sample Supervisors Group: View, Manage Contact History, Statistics Summary, and Statistics Details for queues in the queue group.

You can use these queues as a model or create your own ones.