Reporting Groups

In this view, you can define in which Reporting Group the user belongs to. Each user can belong to one reporting group only, but can belong to several user groups.


A user can belong to one reporting group only. If a new reporting group is made where there are users that have already been in an older reporting group, they are removed from the older one.

  1. Search for an existing group, or add a new group:

    • Choose Add New

    • Enter a descriptive name. If you need to add a second language name, click Personalize, choose the language and click Select.

  2. To add new users to a group:

    • Choose Add in the Users block.

    • Make a search, and choose the ones you want to include in a reporting group.

    • Choose Add and Close.

  3. For information about the rights assignment block, see Access Rights.

  4. Save your entries.