Data Protection Rules

With Data Protection Rules you define how contact center data in a data destination is protected. If an item is selected for protection, it is saved with protected string in the corresponding destination’s monitoring or reporting table, and that string is shown in Dashboard, Communication Panel, Online Monitoring or Reporting that uses that destination.

In the default rule, Common Data Protection Rules, the following items are protected by default and they cannot be shown in Online Monitoring or Reporting:

  • External Participant

  • Transfer Number

  • Consultation Links

  • Conference Link

  • Recording File

Configuring Data Protection Rule

  1. On the System Configurator main screen, choose Reporting > Data Protection Rules.

  2. Choose the Common Data Protection Rules to edit the default rule, or click Add New to add a new rule.

  3. For a new one, enter a unique, descriptive name.

  4. To protect each of the listed items, select the checkbox in front of the item.


    When starting to make a new rule, all items are unprotected, also the ones listed in the default rule. Make sure you select all required items for protection.

    Table 1.
    Technical name UI name Description
    Protect_AgentGUID Protect Agent's GUID Not in use
    Protect_AgentName Protect Agent's Name User's name
    Protect_AgentMobilePhoneNumber Protect Agent's Mobile Phone Number Not is use
    Protect_AgentPhoneNumber Protect Agent's Phone Number User's internal phone number
    Protect_AgentTeamName Protect Agent's Group Name The name of user's reporting group
    Protect_AgentUserID Protect Agent's ID The ID number that the system creates when a user is added to the system
    Protect_ExternalParticipant Protect External Participant The source of a conversation, for example email recipient.
    Protect_TransferNumber Protect Transfer Number The number where a call has been transferred
    Protect_ContactLinks Protect Contact Links Original call ID when a call is transferred
    Protect_ConsultationLinks Protect Consultation Links Consultation call ID
    Protect_ConferenceLink Protect Conference Link Conference call ID
    Protect_RecordFile Protect Recording File Recording file name

    The owner of the recording is protected with Protect Agent's ID.

    Protect_CustomerName Protect Customer's Display Name The name customer uses is chats
    Protect_AgentCompanyName Protect Agent's Company Name Not in use
    Protect_AgentCostCenterName Protect Agent's Cost Center Name Not in use
    Protect_AgentCustomData1 Protect Agent Information 1 Not in use
    Protect_AgentCustomData2 Protect Agent Information 2 Not in use
    Protect_AgentCustomData3 Protect Agent Information 3 Not in use
    Protect_AgentDepartmentName Protect Agent's Department Name Not in use
    Protect_AgentEmail Protect Agent's E-Mail User's email
    Protect_AgentFaxNumber Protect Agent's Fax Number Not in use
    Protect_AgentInternalPhoneNumber Protect Agent's Internal Number Not in use
    Protect_AgentLocation Protect Agent's Location Not in use
    Protect_AgentSubCompanyName Protect Agent's Subcompany Not in use
    Protect_AgentTitle Protect Agent's Title Not in use
    Protect_AgentVoiceMailNumber Protect Agent's Voicemail Not is use
  5. Save your entries.

Data Destinations

In the Data Destinations table you can view which destinations use this rule.