Statistics Settings

Define with Statistics Settings some general settings related to Reporting and Online Monitoring. For more specific settings, see Settings in Online Monitoring application.

Process Messages

Define mobile number and email address where SMS or email messages can be sent during reporting data collection. Separate addresses can be defined for status update messages and error messages.

Define also the email sender name.

Updating Reporting Members

A reporting member is a new row in the statistics. To define if a new reporting member is added when the existing member value is changed, select the checkbox in front of the item. When a new member is added, reporting starts with the new member from the time of change. If no new member is added, reporting continues but shows the new value also for old reports.

For example, if an agent’s name is changed, no new member is required as the same person continues to appear in reports. Only the agent’s name is changed, also in reports that show time before the change.

If an agent is moved to another cost center, adding a new member may be required so that new reports are enabled with the new cost center.

Monitoring Settings



Hide Name in Addresses and Last Digits of Phone Numbers

Define how many digits are hidden from the end of an external phone number. The default value is 0, all numbers and addresses are shown as such.

This setting affects Communication Panel (conversation history), Dashboard, and Online Monitoring. The Volume 7 Contact Log Standard Report is not affected. The masking can be removed with a customized report. For more information, contact support.

External e-mail and chat addresses in From and To fields are hidden in the following way if the value is greater than 0:

  • If there is @ in the address, all characters before @ are hidden.

  • If there is no @ in the address, the defined number of digits are hidden from the end of the address.

Hide Last Digits of User's Mobile Phone Numbers

Select this option if you want that also users’ mobile phone numbers entered into the system are masked as other external numbers are.

The number of hidden digits is defined in the setting Hide Name in Addresses and Last Digits of Phone Numbers. If the value in this setting is empty, the mobile numbers of the users are not masked either.

Maximum Length of Search Period for History (Hours)

Define how many hours can be searched. The default value is 24.

Note: Do not set the value greater than 569 hours, Contact View does not work correctly with higher values. Online Monitoring is intended for monitoring current situation, use reporting applications for getting a view of long time trends.

Default Presence Value in Agent Views

Select the default value for the Presence search criteria field in the Agent View and Agents' Active Contacts views in Online Monitoring. The Paused option includes all agents with the absence profile.

Include in Monitoring Contacts Arrived When Service is Closed

Include or exclude the contacts that have arrived when the service is closed in Arrived Contacts in Online Monitoring. In Reporting, the contacts are included always.

Log Record Listenings (CDT and Online Monitoring)

Define this setting in User and Role management > User Settings Template > Recording and User and Role Management > Users > Recording.

Agents Active Contacts

Max. Number of Displayed Agents

Define the maximum value for the setting how many agents are displayed in the Agents Active Contact s view. Users can adjust this setting further in Online Monitoring in Tools > Settings > UI Settings.

Minimum for Refresh Interval

Define the minimum limit for the interval how often the Agents Active Settings view is updated. Users can adjust this setting further in Online Monitoring in Tools > Settings > UI Settings.

Application Reporting

  • Include MTD Calls in Reporting: When the Simultaneous Ring mode is used, an extra phone call event happens between Communication Panel and the other terminal. To include these extra calls in reporting as well, select the checkbox.

  • IVR Applications: By default, IVR applications are not included in Reporting. To choose which of the IVR applications are included, select the Activate Reporting in the list.


    Exception: Results of opt-in IVRs and survey IVRs are always reported through script reports for these IVRs when corresponding script name and questions and answers are defined in IVR Management. This means you do not need to select these applications. For more information, see Survey IVR.

SAP BusinessObjects Settings

SAP BusinessObjects Tenant: If SAP BusinessObjects is run in a multitenant environment, each tenant has its own user group, and the tenant whose user group the Contact Center users can join must be defined as well. Enter the tenant name in the field. If no tenant is defined, the default prefix SAP CCtr is used.