Error and Timeout Elements


The error and timeout elements are used together with callout, customstate and soap elements. They are specific to Sinch Contact Pro.

Define with the error element what happens for the IVR call if the query made in those parent elements ends to an error. Correspondingly, define with the timeout element what happens if the query ends because it takes too long time.

Both elements can be nested in the following parent elements: callout, customstate, soap.

Both elements can have the following child elements: assign, audio, soap, clear, disconnect, exit, goto, if, log, prompt, var.

Both elements have no other attributes but Description.


Define that if the customized method returns an error, the call goes to a definite step, for example, to a menu that enables the caller to choose something else:

  • Add the customstate element.

    • Add the error element.

      • Add the goto element that takes the call to the defined step.

Define that if the SOAP method is stopped by the timeout, the caller is informed that the piece of information is not available.

  • Add the soap element.

    • Add the timeout element.

      • Add the audio element where the appropriate prompt is played to the caller. Note that you must record the appropriate audio file first, and bring it in to the system in Queue Management.