Configuring Contact Center Settings

You must have Modify rights to Contact Center.

You use this procedure to define operative settings related to the contact center.

  1. On the System Configurator main screen, choose System Management > Channel Settings > Contact Center.
  2. Configure the settings according to the following table.



    Queue Status Interval

    Enter a value for how often Communication Event Manager (CEM) sends the queue status.

    Make sure that you use a value that is applicable in your system. In large systems, a value of some milliseconds affects system performance.

    Update Interval for User's Configuration Data

    Enter a value to define how often Communication Panel (CP) receives updated configuration data when you change users’ settings and rights.

    The default value is 10 minutes, and the minimum allowed value is 1 minute. To disable this feature, enter 0. If you change the value, the new value is taken into use immediately.

    The configuration data relating to this setting is:

    • Recording mode in System Services > Recording Settings

    • User information

    • User settings

    • Extensions

    • Profiles

    • User service rights

    • Queues

    • Scripts

    • Directory templates

    • Directory groups

    Allow Queue Calls During Outbound Campaigns

    Select this option if you want that agents can pause an outbound campaign to serve in inbound queues when a condition set for an inbound phone queue triggers the need for extra resources. Define in the inbound phone queue’s Advanced Settings the limit when this inbound/outbound blending is required. For more information, see:

    Use Universal Queue for Routing

    Universal Queue feature is deprecated.

  3. Save your entries.