Messaging Services


  • SMS Server Session Object set to HTTP in System Management > Modules > SMS Server

  • Incoming and outgoing Internet connection in SMS Server, for example, via reverse proxy

In Messaging Services you set up external services such as Sinch Conversation API (social channels), Sinch SMS, and Facebook Messenger.

Social Chats After System Reset

If system crashes or is reset or upgraded, chat conversations from social channels are restored. The table below shows how queuing and active conversations are handled when the system is up again.

Conversation status: in queue Conversation status: in process
Conversations are disconnected. They are recovered, and they arrive in a queue as new conversations. Queuing time​ starts from zero.
Agents see two conversations from the customer with the following statuses: Abandoned and In Queue.​ Agents see two conversations from the customer with the following statuses: Handled and In Queue.​
The system tries to allocate the conversation to the agent who was handling it earlier (preferred agent).
The transcript in Communication Panel now contains text System restored chat​.
The earlier conversation is visible in Previous Conversations in Communication Panel.
Agent can continue the conversation normally. Customer receives the agent’s messages and the customer's responses are shown as part of the new conversation.
  • Outgoing chats that are in process are not restored.
  • The system is active again after the recovery process which takes 5-10 minutes.
  • Restored conversations are not counted as billable.