Sinch SMS

Sinch SMS allows you to send and receive SMS messages from and to your Sinch Contact Pro system.


  • SMS number from Sinch available on your Sinch Customer Dashboard account

    Note: When setting up Sinch SMS, inform Sinch of the phone number you want to use for outbound SMS messages. Currently, you cannot configure this number yourself.
  • The following information from Sinch Contact Pro support:

    • Callback URL, which is typically of the following format, depending on the AWS region in which your service is running:

      Region URL
      North America[tenantname]/sms/sinchsms/sms

      Callback URL tells Sinch SMS where to direct an arriving message.

    • Public IP address of the SMS server. Sinch SMS support may request this information.

Configuring your Sinch SMS integration

  1. Log into Sinch Customer Dashboard and select SMS > APIs. The APIs page opens:

  2. Add a new Sinch SMS configuration or modify an existing one, and add the Callback URL you received from Sinch Contact Pro support into your configuration:

    1. Click the Service Plan ID shown as a blue link. The REST API details page opens:

    2. In the Callback URL section, click EDIT and copy-paste the callback URL.

    3. Click SAVE.

    Your Sinch SMS service is now configured. Next, you will need to configure the integration into Sinch Contact Pro.

  3. Start System Configurator and navigate to System Management > Messaging Services.

  4. Click Add New and select sinchsms.

  5. Enter the settings for your Sinch SMS connection:

    1. Name: Name your connection, for example SMS Service +1 123 123 123.
    2. Service Connection: Define the URL for service connection in the following format: https://[region][service_plan_id]/batches

      If necessary, check your region from Sinch SMS support. Copy and paste your Service plan ID from the REST configuration in Sinch Customer Dashboard.

      Tip: Read more about Sinch SMS URLs at:
    3. Extend the Authentications block and add the following data from Sinch Dashboard:
      • Authentication ID: Service plan ID
      • Password: API token
  6. Save and navigate to Queue Management in System Configurator.

  7. Create a new Chat Queue. The queue address is of format: [phone number in international format]@[service]. For example:

  8. Make sure agents have serve rights to the newly created queue.

Your Sinch SMS integration is now complete and ready for use.