SAP Service Cloud (C4C) Email Integration

Emails are uploaded from Sinch Contact Pro servers to the C4C servers and handled on the C4C side when you have the c4semail service configured.

To enable the email upload, you must:

  1. Add the service in System Management > Messaging Services:
    • Type: c4semail

    • Service Connection: Enter the tenant URL to which emails are loaded.

    • Authentication ID: Enter the user ID of your C4C account.

    • Password: Enter the password of your C4C account.

  2. In System Management > Channels > E-Mail Channel > Extra Data Settings > Extra Data Included When E-Mail Allocated enter the following values:

    • ObjectID

    • ObjectUUID

Using the dynamic My Conversations View

You can open Communication Panel in another browser window and see a dynamic My Conversations view that is responsive to the available frame size in the CRM. For more information, see Using the dynamic My Conversations View.