Defining data retention time for queue

You use this procedure to define how long conversations and Outbound campaigns of a queue are stored in the system. After the retention time, all data is anonymized or deleted.

Data retention settings in System Management > Personal Data Retention Time need to be configured before the queue-level value can be used. For cloud customers these system settings are configured by Sinch.

If you don't define a retention time for queues, the system-level settings are used.

  1. On the System Configurator main screen, choose Queue Management > Queues.
  2. Search for the queue whose settings you want to configure.

    The search result list appears.

  3. Choose the queue by double-clicking it.
  4. Choose Personal Data Retention Time.
  5. Define how long you want to store the conversations or campaigns of the queue.

    The time must be less than the one defined in System Management > Retention Times for Personal Data in Contacts or in case of a campaign in System Management > Retention Times for Personal Data in Outbound Campaigns.

  6. Save your entries.