Configuring queue voicemail and notification call settings

You need rights to:
  • Modify or create queues
  • Create or modify voicemail extensions
To use email notifications, make sure the external outgoing mail server is configured.

You use this procedure to configure the voicemail and settings related to call notification.

  1. On the System Configurator main screen, choose Queue Management > Queues.
  2. Search for the queue whose settings you want to configure.

    The search result list appears.

  3. Choose the queue by double-clicking it.
  4. Choose Voicemail and Notification Call Settings.
  5. Configure the settings according to the following table.

    Queue voicemail uses the Prompt Language that is set in the queue’s basic settings.



    Voicemail Number

    Enter the voicemail extension number. This field is mandatory.

    Use the Number Viewer tool to check which numbers are available and unused in the voicemail number range.

    If you remove the voicemail extension number when you have filled out the rest of the voicemail settings, all voicemail-related information is removed. The voicemail extension number creates the voicemail and without it, the voicemail does not exist.

    Message Length

    Choose the default maximum length of a message that a caller can leave in a message inbox.

    Message Quota

    Choose the default maximum number of messages saved and displayed in the message inbox. If the message quota has been defined in System Services > Voicemail Settings, the system-wide setting overrides the queue-specific value. For more information about the message quota, see Configuring Voicemail Settings in system services.

    E-Mail Address for Notification

    Enter an optional e-mail address for notifications (such as

    SMS Number for Notification

    Enter an optional mobile phone number for notifications.

    Activate SMS Notification for All Messages

    Select this option if you want that the set mobile phone number receives an SMS notification for all new voicemail messages. Otherwise users receive a notification only for the first new voicemail message.

    Notification Call Number

    Enter the number for receiving voicemail messages.

    Number of Retries

    Enter the number of attempts to call the notification call number if the first call is not answered.

    Retry Interval

    Enter the interval between the attempts.

    Other Destination

    Enter an optional forwarding number that is used if callers press the key 5 when listening to the voicemail greeting. The key must be pressed within 30 seconds if the caller wants to be forwarded to this number instead of leaving a voicemail message.

    Activate Notification Call

    Select this option if you want that the user receives a notification call that a new voicemail message has been left. The user is called, and when the call is answered, it is connected to Voicemail IVR.

    Confirm Notification Call

    Select this option if you want that the user must confirm a received message by pressing the key 1 or skip the confirmation by pressing the key 0. If the confirmation is skipped, the notification call is made again. However, if you have not defined any value for the Number of Retries setting, the notification call is not made again.

    Transfer to Voicemail if Queue Is Full*

    Select this option if you want that the calls are automatically transferred to voicemail if the queue is full.

    The option Not Defined means that this setting follows the value defined in the system services. If you define the value here for a queue, it overwrites the system-wide setting.

  6. Save your entries.